Saffron Cedarwood 9 OZ Coconut Apricot Candle

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Saffron Cedarwood opens up with the spiritual cleansing notes of Palo Santo and pulls you in with its calming grounding properties and earthy hints of Saffron.

Palo Salto is believed by some to help clear negative energy and promote focus during meditation. The slight hint of citrus is blended with the smoky notes of cedarwood and enhances creativity and promotes feelings of peace and relaxation.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils including 

Note Profile

Top: Citrus , Cardamon

Middle: Palo Santo,Saffron,Violet

Base: Wood, Sandalwood,Smoke,Amber


Weight: 9 oz 225g

Burn Time: Up to 30 hours

Dimensions: 3” x 3.5”

Our coconut and apricot creme' wax is gluten,toxin paraben and phthalate free, and come from renewable sources

Cotton wick

Phthalate -free fragrances

Keep away from children and pets.

Burn on a heat resistant, level surface.

Allow candle to cool completely before handling.

Re-Purposing your Container

Once your candle has been consumed ,please remove any residual wax and hand wash with hot water and a grease cutting dish soap . Your beautiful container is ready to be used as a planter, center piece or whatever you would like.