What Does Earth Day Mean to Me?

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April is recognized as Earth Month, which aims to raise awareness and encourage positive actions from people to help make positive environmental  changes or simply acknowledge that there are global issues; Climate change, dying  forest, pollution and threatened waterways.

For the past 29 days,I"ve been participating in a global eco  challenge where I have committed to 30 days of being totally focused on issues affecting our planet. During this time, I've learned about issues with our water, watched  documentaries about the health of our soil, and all of the ecological and social disparities that exist in lower income and in disadvantage populations around the globe. I asked myself the question, what is Earth Day to me? It means a great deal, especially as I get older. I want my future generations, my grandchildren, and great grandchildren to be able to enjoy a clean and healthy planet.

Making candles with a process which is respectful of the issues our planet faces,  has offered me the opportunity to capture the beauty of nature all while being mindful of what impact my items may have on the planet.   All of the beautiful scents that are present in nature,  I'm able to share them with those who may not be able to take in the scent of  rose garden in the middle of winter. Or to relax poolside or at the beach and take in the scent of salty air, coconuts and bananas. 

All of the candles that I make are made with sustainable, renewable waxes  such as soy or coconut.  Each of the containers are re- purposable  vessels  which is a great way to contribute to a healthy planet for future generations.   It may not seem much to mini but to me, it means the world. There's one day left in Earth Month and  all of us can do our part to make a positive impact. What does Earth month mean you ? 

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